The Best Juicy Chicken with Only 3 Ingredients

This is literally the only chicken recipe you need! It’s so juicy, tender, and the flavor is to die for. I came across this recipe while during TikTok for chicken recipes a few weeks ago.

This ‘I’m Your Mom Now’ @arimonika TikToker has got some of the best recipes on TikTok. Y’all got to check her TikTok out. I’ll be sharing more of her delicious recipes.

So for this chicken, she only uses three ingredients. If you watch her video it’s as much about the cooking method as it is the ingredients.

1 packet of Sazon Goya
3 tbsp of chipotle sauce
1 juice of a lime

She marinates it for 1 hour. Then she sears it in a pan (looks like an iron skillet), then lowers the hear a bit cooks it for 5 minutes per side.

Watch her TikTok video below. Give her a follow on her TikTok @arimonika.

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