Acosta was heckling Spicer for not having cameras on at a press briefing like a whiny little bitch

CNN hired a sketch artist because they couldn’t get video. Acosta DEMANDED to know why the cameras were turned off for the briefing and he got all bent out of shape when he got ignored. Spicer did not call on Acosta again during the briefing — I don’t blame him one bit. But getting ignored didn’t stop Acosta from interrupting constantly during other questions by reporters. SO RUDE! Maybe Acosta should just be banned from any future briefings that would clear this problem up real quick.

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From Breibart:

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer repeatedly ignored CNN’s Jim Acosta during the White House press briefing on Monday, despite repeated attempts by the veteran White House correspondent to ask questions.

Spicer began the press briefing announcing that he would allow still cameras.

Several camera shutters clicked, prompting him to joke about “putting sketch artists out of business now,” after CNN hired a sketch artist last week to outline an off-camera briefing.

Acosta interrupted the press briefing, asking Spicer why he refused to turn on the cameras during the briefing.

“There’s no camera on, Jim,” Spicer replied.

“Maybe we should turn the cameras on. Sean, why don’t we turn the cameras on, why don’t we turn the cameras on?”

“I’m sorry that you have to do this,” Spicer said, as Acosta repeatedly asked why the cameras were off earlier in the briefing.

“Why not turn the cameras on Sean? They’re in the room, the lights are on,” Acosta continued.

Spicer said Acosta’s assertion that CNN had been “blackballed” was “truly fake news,” telling the Washington Post that he had called on CNN’s Athena Jones last week and had spoken with CNN reporter Joe Johns on Monday morning. That is in fact the truth.

While President Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued a joint statement, Acosta joined other reporters in the Rose Garden. But when he went to sit in his assigned seat, his placard was gone and some of CNN’s equipment had been moved. LOL, Oh how I love Trump! Serves Acosta right.

He then spoke with White House press aides, returned with a CNN placard and sat in a seat in the front row that was left empty. After the President’s statement, Acosta shouted questions at Trump on the healthcare bill and he was ignored and dismissed by the President. And Good for Trump. That’s exactly what the whiny little baby gets.

Watch Sean Spicer vs. Jim Acosta:

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