Texas sues fitness influencer 'Brittany Dawn', over giving people with eating disorders bad health advice

The State of Texas is suing North Texas influencer Brittany Dawn Davis, accusing her of deceptive practices.

Davis, known as Brittany Dawn on social media, sold workout and diet plans.

Texas Attorney General’s Office has filed a Deceptive Trade Practices Act lawsuit against Davis claiming she never provided any of the personal coachings promised and that the plans weren’t customized.

It also lists complaints from customers, including how one woman almost passed out from inadequate nutrition.

Clients also complained about problems getting refunds.

The state is seeking between $250,000 to $1 million in penalties, along with court fees.

Brittany Dawn Davis has close to one million TikTok followers and half a million on Instagram where she shares fitness and health tips. She also runs a YouTube channel with nearly 250,000 subscribers.

After the issues with her health program, she pivoted from fitness to spirituality content and created the account @SheLivesFreed. Davis’ new spirituality program plans to host a one-day retreat in Fort Worth in April for $125 per person. WFAA