Texas Restaurant Uses Transphobic “Before and After” Caitlyn Jenner Pictures to Designate Genders on Bathrooms

A pair of photos on display at Dodie’s Place in Allen are being criticized as “transphobic” after being shared on Twitter.

On Monday, Dallas Morning News editor Dom DiFurio snapped photos of the restaurant’s bathroom doors, which depict a pre- and post-transition Caitlyn Jenner. The women’s restroom is designated with a blown-up shot of Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair, and the men’s restroom is marked with a giant photo of Jenner back when she was an Olympian in the 1980s. The pictures have been up since August.

Restaurant Uses Transphobic “Before and After” Caitlyn Jenner Photos to Designate Genders on Bathrooms

For many, the use of Jenner’s pre-transition photos to identify her as a man is deeply offensive. “Transgender women who are still grappling with their gender identity or early into their transition, like Jenner in that pre-transition photo, are billed as too masculine to use the women’s room,” wrote The Daily Dot. “It’s a fundamental misunderstanding of gender dysphoria, one that can lead to transgender women being discriminated against if they don’t pass.”

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