(Fort Worth Star Telegram) A judge ruled Thursday that a 11-month-old baby can be taken off life support at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth against the family’s wishes.

The family of Tinslee Lewis, who was born in February with severe medical problems, will appeal the decision, the family’s lawyer, Joe Nixon, said. They are filing an emergency motion to stay which, if granted, will prevent the hospital from removing life-sustaining care while the appeal is ongoing.

Cook Children’s Medical Center officials said they contacted more than 20 facilities as potential new providers, but all of them declined.

“Today’s decision from Chief Justice Sandee B. Marion restores the ability of the Cook Children’s medical staff to make the most compassionate and medically appropriate decisions for Tinslee as she struggles in pain to survive each day,” the hospital said in a statement. “This is an emotional and difficult situation for everyone involved, especially for this family who had high hopes that Tinslee would get better.”