Texas coroner ruled the family's shooting deaths a murder-suicide, but was it really a murder-suicide? 1
Nichol Olsen and daughters London and Alexa

The medical examiner ruled that Nichol Olsen’s death a suicide, and her daughters London Bribiescas, 10, and Alexa Montez, 16, were homicides after they were found shot dead in their luxury home on January 10, 2019.

The investigation revealed that Olsen, 37, fought with her live-in boyfriend, Charles Wheeler, 31, on the night of her death.

Texas coroner ruled the family's shooting deaths a murder-suicide, but was it really a murder-suicide? 2
Nichol Olsen and Charlie Wheeler

Wheeler reportedly spent the night at a relative’s residence out of town after the argument.

On the morning of Jan. 10, 2019, a frantic-sounding Wheeler called 911 to say he had found Olsen and her two girls dead inside the home.

Four calls were reportedly made to 911 before Wheeler’s call, that came from Olsen’s phone — Crime Online

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Fox 29 San Antonio reports that numerous sources close to the investigation said Nicole Olsen made five calls on the night of the incident, according to her cellphone records. The first call was reportedly made to Wheeler’s mother, who didn’t answer the phone, followed by four calls to 911.

Salazar said three of the calls disconnected before a 911 dispatcher answered. One of the calls connected with a 911 dispatcher but Salazar declined to provide details about what may have been said.

“What we found was that while we did know that there was a disconnected call from that phone number. We don’t know where that number is calling from, so all that we know is that we have a drop call from a cell phone number. Normal protocols is to call that number back, but if we don’t know exactly where, where that phone is located, we don’t know where to dispatch to,” Salazar said.

“The way the system works is it just wasn’t engaged long enough for us to be able to attach a GPS positioning to that call.”

“It’s crazy for anyone to think she would kill her daughters,” says Nichol’s brother Justin.

She was making plans for the future, was enrolling London in singing classes, and was expecting a visit from her son that weekend.

It’s been two years since a Texas mother and her two daughters were found dead inside her boyfriend’s home.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar announced his team was still investigating, but in the fall of 2020, he said investigators did not find anything to overturn the coroner’s ruling. However, in January, he said the investigation was insufficient and reassigned the case to a cold case investigator.

“Calling someone the murderer of their own children is the worst thing you could ever accuse anybody of,” — Reported by People — “I’m not ready to do that yet.”

Authorities say they have no suspects at this time.

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