Sweet Teen Uses Sign Language To Comfort A Blind And Deaf Man

She didn’t do it because she had to. She did it because she wanted to. She really is an angel. Love❤️

This restores my faith in humanity.

Speaking to Portland TV station KGW8, Mr Cook simply said: ‘She’s an angel’.

Lynette Scribner, who was seated next to Mr Cook, took to Facebook just moments after stepping off the plane to tell the amazing story.

Her post and photos of Ms Daly signing into the palm of Mr Cook’s hand mid-flight have now been liked almost 950,000 times.

‘I saw this man, Tim, in Boston’s Logan airport with the sister he’d been visiting… it appeared he was both deaf and blind,’ Ms Scribner posted.

‘The attendants sincerely wanted to assist him, but had no way to communicate. I watched as they didn’t flinch when he reached out to touch their faces and arms.

‘That’s when this lovely young woman came into the picture. 15 years old, she learned ASL because she had dyslexia and it was the easiest foreign language for her to learn.

‘It was fascinating to watch as she signed one letter at a time into his hand.

When he asked if she was pretty she blushed and laughed as the seat mate, who had learned a few signs, communicated an enthusiastic “yes” to Tim.

‘For the rest of the flight she attended to Tim and made sure his needs were met.’

“For the last hour of the flight we just were talking, having a conversation about life,” Daly said. “They call you extraordinary but it’s just something that you do. He took such joy in a conversation that we take for granted.”

This is so sweet. Love, love, love it! 

h/t Daily Mail




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