Struggling Ellen Fan Entered Every Contest But Never Won. Instead, Ellen Reveals She’s Her New Boss

Back in 2008, Jeannie Klisiewicz was just a regular gal from Illinois and an avid viewer of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. But her life was about to change in a jaw-dropping way.

Jeannie admitted to entering every single Ellen contest for six years straight, but she never won anything. She figured she was just unlucky.

Then, one day, Ellen called Jeannie during a show taping to confirm yet again that, no, she still hadn’t won a contest. But she was about to do one better.

“What do you need?” Ellen asked. “I need a job!” Jeannie responded. “I’ll clean your bathroom!”

As it turned out, Ellen had fallen so much in love with Jeannie’s charming and lovable personality that she decided to hire her as the receptionist on the show. Since then, Jeannie has become an integral part of the Ellen family. She’s interviewed guests, gone undercover and helped pull off some of the most heartwarming surprises in the show’s history. And she’s even been given some extraordinary surprises of her own.

In 2015, Ellen decided to surprise Jeannie one more time, and this surprise was more emotional than she expected.

It’s so inspiring to know you can go from watching your favorite celebrity on television every day to having her be your very own boss. So cool!



From: Little Things