Fox Says Megyn Kelly NOT Welcome Back

In an exclusive report on Breitbart, writer Tony Lee reported that after Kelly’s highly anticipated interview with InfoWars’ Alex Jones tanked with viewers on Sunday, NBC was looking to remove her program from the network entirely.

A high-ranking Fox News source says there is “no way” Kelly could come back to the network. Quite simply, the source told Breitbart News, Kelly “would not be welcomed back.”

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A tweet from WOR radio host Mark Simone stated that the inside scoop is that NBC is now “trying to get rid of Megyn Kelly. Even trying to get FOX to buy out her contract and take her back.”

NBC reportedly invested nearly $20 million a year to bring Kelly to the network, and NBC’s investment has not paid any dividends at all. After her interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Kelly was mocked for being way out of her league. And when HuffPost obtained the full unedited interview in which a nervous Kelly lobbed Putin “softballs,” Kelly was subjected to another round of criticism.

Her interview with Alex Jones did not have any news value and may have damaged NBC’s and her reputation more than it helped. Advertisers like J.P. Morgan Chase dropped advertisement for the Kelly slot and she lost credibility in the eyes of many when, in a leaked recording that Jones released, Kelly is heard telling Jones, “It’s not gonna be some gotcha hit piece, I promise you that.”

NBC did not help matters when it released a photo of Kelly and Jones that, as The Hill’s media columnist Joe Concha described, looked “like they were on a Tinder date pulling up to a drive-thru.”

A TV executive reportedly said on CNN over the weekend that NBC’s primary mistake was assuming Kelly was a “superstar” and that people would tune in just to see her.