Mississippi couple chose to celebrate the departure of their last child with a hilarious photoshoot.

Some parents get sad and depressed about transitioning to life as empty nesters. Amy and Randy English are NOT those parents. Their 22-year-old daughter, photographer Haley Jones, will become their last child to move out this weekend.

Haley shared pictures to her Facebook of a photo shoot she did with her parents, Amy and Randy English as empty nesters. She posted the photos on Facebook on May 28 where it garnered 195,000 shares.

The signs included messages like “our favorite kids” as the parents posed alongside their dogs and “so sad, just kidding.”

Parents celebrate with ’empty nest’ photo shoot after youngest child moves out

Facebook commenters, many agreed that the refreshing, relatable series of pictures made for “the most adorable photo session ever.”

“I love that your parents have a great sense of humor, and the kind of relationship that honors that they are entering a new time in their journey as a couple,” one fan wrote.

“Love it! Always heard that teenagers are a bit difficult at times and that is God’s way of making their leaving home easier for the parents!” another laughed.

“Empty nest hit me hard – honestly still does, my husband not so much! But, we did something similar and were very happy once our youngest turned 20 – we celebrated ‘surviving teenagers’” another agreed.

“Wish I thought of this when we became empty nesters! We love our kids, but it’s so nice to see them now with their own kids. Plus we get to play grandparents which is a blast,” one user chimed in.