SNL Sketch Melissa McCarthy Plays Sean Spicer: ‘APOLOGIZE TO ME!’

In the sketch, McCarthy played Spicer’s tense relationship with the media during the first two weeks of President Donald Trump’s administration. Regardless of your political spectrum this is HILARIOUS!

McCarthy surprised the audience at Saturday Night Live tonight to play a SCREAMING Sean Spicer, losing his mind on the members of the press corps. McCarthy played a wildly contentious version of the real life press secretary, going ape sh*t against the media through a series of screams and gyrations.

“And also I don’t talk so good!” McCarthy yells as Spicer after a brief introduction.

Spicer quickly grows adversarial in the bit, shouting, “Apologize to me!” Then, quickly, he spouts off, “That apology is NOT accepted!”

“I’m here to swallow gum and take names,” he says, downing a wad of Cinnamon Orbit.

The whole sketch is a hilarious skit of Spicer flipping out on the media, complete with jabs at CNN and Glenn Thrush of The New York Times. McCarthy sells the bit throughout the sketch with a hilariously put-on impression and high-commitment physicality.

“Now let me wave something shiny in front of your monkeys,” McCarthy as Spicer screams, shortly before Kate McKinnon appears as Betsy DeVos in a quick cameo.

While describing the night of President Donald Trump‘s announcement of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, the sketch’s version of Spicer intermittently picks up his podium, ramming it straight into the reporters in the front row. “NO ONE WAS SAD, AND THOSE ARE THE FACTS FOREVER!”

“I will put you in the corner with CNN!” he yells at one reporter; Jim Acosta can be seen locked up, pleading his innocence. McCarthy even mockingly jabs at Spicer’s affection for visual aids.