Shocking Video Shows Texas Man Shot In The Head By Woman Playing With Gun on Facebook Live

A man was hospitalized and placed on life support late Saturday night, after he was shot in the head by a female friend who was playing with a gun (video below.)

The video (scroll to bottom to see video WARNGING GRAPHIC CONTENT) showed Damper and Holmes sitting in the front seat of the car, while Coleman sat in the back seat.

Holmes appeared to be holding a Glock pistol at the start of the video. (According to this)

The footage briefly cut out, and a handgun could clearly be seen resting on the center console after the video resumed. Coleman set his left hand on the weapon’s grip as he sat back in his seat, but never removed the gun from the console.

“Lyin’ a** hoe,” Damper said, possibly to someone who had tuned into the live video stream.

She then reached over with her left hand, and picked up the handgun, with her finger on the trigger.

“You see what we doin’ to lyin’ a** hoes?” she said, as she pointed the weapon at the camera. “We draw down.”

Simultaneously, Holmes reached over with his left hand, covered the weapon’s slide, and momentarily appeared to try to take the gun from Damper.

“Hey man,” he said to her. “You’re making me nervous.”

“We draw down on them hoes!” Damper yelled, as Holmes let go of the weapon.

“She ain’t got no clip, bud,” Coleman told Holmes, while Damper racked the slide, which had a loaded magazine. She then raised the weapon towards Holmes.


In an instant, she pulled the trigger, and Holmes’ head fell to the side.

Damper gasped, and set the gun back on the console while she and Coleman jumped out of the vehicle.

Blood poured from Holmes’ head, spilling onto his shirt and arm. His unblinking eyes remained fixed, as his body fell lifeless.

At 12:57 a.m. on Sunday, the Houston Police Department (HPD) issued a tweet that a man had “shot himself in [the] head,” and had been transported to a local hospital. He was placed on life support, KHOU reported.

Police quickly caught on to what really happened.

According to Crimeola, Damper, 25, was booked into the Southeast Jail on Sunday on one count of tampering with evidence homicide related.

WARNING – Graphic Content: