Republican senator said the bill has “zero chance” to pass the Senate as is.

Sen. Corker: Zero Chance GOP Healthcare Bill Passes the Senate

Corker said he’s not been following much of what the House is doing on healthcare, since his office “turned the volume off” on healthcare reform after the bill was pulled from the floor last month. But he guaranteed the Senate wouldn’t rubber stamp the House’s bill.

“No. Zero. That’s not the way it’s going to work,” he said, when asked if the bill could escape changes and what the chances are it would pass quickly in the Senate.

He added, “People over here want to make sure it’s something that’s going to work for the American people.”

Corker said he couldn’t get a read on what would happen in the Senate because healthcare isn’t a major issue for the upper chamber at the moment.

“Nothing has been laid out over here,” he said. “All of us are pretty much focused on other things until we get the bill.”