Reactions To Trump’s Smackdown Of CNN Tweet

Reactions To Trump’s Smackdown Of CNN Tweet

Everyone Is In Full Blown Meltdown Over Trump’s Smackdown Tweet of CNN

Oh gee whiz, everyone is losing it over this tweet. It’s Twitter people TWITTER. Get over it! It’s so absurd how could you really even take it so serious? For real!?

Get a grip people!

I’m still laughing… Seriously!

Here’s the thing:

Okay, so here’s the worst case scenario, Trump goes down as the most childish POTUS in history, and the liberal media loses all credibility forever.


‘Hateful conduct’ … Whew okay — You do know this is Twitter right?! Just about everything on Twitter is hateful.

LOL I just had to throw this one in there… Nothing to do with the CNN Twitter video. #SavePepe #PepeTheFrog

And Jerry Springer REALLY??? I’m literally laughing my a** off right now. I can’t even take you serious!

Twitter users are supporting Trump:

Then there’s this… Right on the money!

Here’s live footage of the Media trying to deal with all of this: Personally for me the video made my day! My NOT so PRESIDENTIAL President is still ALIVE AND WELL. And kickin’ ass!


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