President Trump says Harry and Meghan must pay for their own security 1

In a tweet Sunday, President Trump said that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle must pay for their own security if they move to the United States.

The tweet was in response to a report that the couple had moved with their son Archie from Vancouver Island (where they went after leaving the U.K. and disavowing their royal life) to Los Angeles. “The U.S. will not pay for their security protection,” Trump tweeted. “They must pay.”

Later on Sunday, the royal couple replied to those rumors saying, in a statement to Chris Ship, royal correspondent for British television network ITV, that “privately funded security arrangements have been made” and that Meghan and Harry have “no plans” to get assistance from the U.S.

When living in Canada, which is part of the British Commonwealth, the Canadian government did for some time help foot the bill of the couple’s security, but that has since ended.