Power Play Between FBI and Obama's Department of Justice 1

FBI still does not have a warrant to review emails. The Department of Justice is blocking the FBI’s request. Here is my take on Dir. Comey notifying Congress of the investigation into the Clinton emails.

It’s obvious now why Dir. Comey sent the written notice to Congress. He knew once he requested a warrant pertaining to Huma Abedin’s devices the DOJ would interfere and block him. He made it public first with the letter to Congress then requested the warrant blindsiding them. We are witnessing a power play between government departments probably the biggest power play since J. Edgar Hoover.

There may be nothing to implicate Hillary, but I suspect he knows there is because the NYPD gave him the info they’ve already discovered. Or at a minimum he just knew once Huma’s name was involved he’d be blocked.

There is no way Director Comey would play games 10 days out from the election and put his reputation on the line. Now way! Pay attention because we are witnessing the biggest political story of modern day time play out in this election.

Who will win in this jaw dropping power play? Will it be justice or dirty politics? Either way this is very unlikely to play out  before election day November 8th. American voters will have to go to the polls deciding whether or not to vote for a candidate that once again finds herself under FBI investigation and in the middle of yet another scandal. Sad day for Americans in America.




Source: Report: The FBI still doesn’t have a warrant to review new emails related to the Clinton investigation