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Ice addict, 26, who bashed a senior female police officer, 29, so brutally she needs facial surgery — Walks Free.

An ice addict who repeatedly punched a policewoman in the face as she arrested him will not serve any jail time after it was revealed he had previously tried to get help for a mental illness.

Ahmed El Lababidi bashed the senior constable, 29, after police responded to reports of a burglary in Glenroy, in Melbourne, on April 7, according to The Herald Sun.

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According to this:

When the constable told Lababidi, 26, he would be searched, he hit her three times, causing her teeth to pierce her lip.

The attack left the constable, who now fears working on the front line, needing reconstructive dental surgery. She told the publication she has spent $15,000 on her recovery.

It took four officers to hold down Lababidi following the attack, which he pleaded guilty to at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on November 30.

The 26-year-old was initially facing a mandatory six month jail sentence for a charge of assaulting an emergency worker but pleaded guilty to intentionally causing injury and resisting an emergency worker.

Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg ordered Lababidi to complete 200 hours of community service and complete rehabilitation for drug abuse.

He will also undergo a mental health examination.

The charge was dropped after it was discovered the 26-year-old had once sought mental health services, according to The Herald Sun.