[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”hover”][/sg_popup]Piers Morgan To London Mayor Sadiq Khan: Where Are the 400 Jihadis Still in London? WHERE ARE THEY? (VIDEO)

Piers asked the far left mayor about the whereabouts of the 200-400 ISIS fighters living in London:

Piers Morgan: “Where are the 400 jihadis still in London?… You’re the mayor! WHERE ARE THEY?”

Mayor Sadiq Khan: I can’t cover 400 people…

Piers Morgan: Why not?… Why can’t you instruct the police, why can’t you… say everyone of those people who’ve come back from a war zone, I want them followed?

Sadiq Khan: The have to prioritize…

Piers Morgan:What could be a bigger priority than people coming back from a Syrian battlefield with the intent to harm British citizens? Why’s it not the number one priority? Why are these people allowed to just come back in in the first place and then the London mayor does not have a clue to where any of them are?