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‘What are you going to do, kill me?’

Partygoer ‘who stood up to off-duty cop who complained about her choice of “thug” music dies after being shot 20 times’

According to this:

An off-duty police officer allegedly gunned down a 21-year-old university student at a bar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil after she refused to turn off a song he disliked.

Hayssa Andrade, 21, was allegedly shot around 20 times by Jorge Aguiar da Silva, 38, in the early hours of Friday at a roof top bar in Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro.

The victim was rushed to Rocha Faria Municipal Hospital but succumbed to her injuries.

Miss Andrade had refused to back down over her pick of party music after Aguiar da Silva, objected to what was playing.

Investigators said the young woman’s body was riddled with 36 bullet wounds after she made a ‘desperate’ attempt to defend herself by raising her arms during the assault.

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The suspect, who was said to have shown signs of intoxication, was arrested at the scene of the crime and covered his head with a yellow t-shirt as he was taken away. No one else was injured.

Detectives seized a Taurus 380 calibre pistol along with documents of ownership. The revolver had allegedly been thrown over a wall near the property before agents arrived.

An autopsy carried out by the Forensic Medicine Institute (IML) indicated the victim suffered 36 bullet-related injuries to her body with several gunshot wounds to her forearms.


Partygoer who stood up to off-duty cop dies after being shot 20 times 1