Paris Hilton is expanding her brand with an all-new cooking show!

Titled Cooking With Paris, the first episode dropped via YouTube on Monday and features the 38-year-old reality star teaching fans how to cook her “famous lasagna.”

Scroll down to watch the VIDEO for HIlton’s famous Lasagna, If you’re unable to view the video below follow this link.

Joined by her “little assistant” (aka her chihuahua, Diamond Baby, chic in a custom Chanel apron, naturally), Hilton recalls falling in love with cooking at an early age. “People who do know [me] know that I am an amazing cook. Ever since I was a little girl, I would always go with my mom in the kitchen and she would cook these amazing pastas and lasagnas, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners,” she remembers. “My entire life, I just remember sitting on the counter and watching my mom cook, and also baking and cooking with her.”

Hilton then shares the step-by-step process of how to make her lasagna.

Tip #1: Use whatever kind of cheese you want (even if it’s weird)
Tip #2: Add this secret ingredient to ricotta for a killer filling
Tip #3: Glamorous sunglasses will solve onion-cutting woes
Tip #4: Added too much salt? Use paper towels