Oxford high school student's video shows students escaping through a window after suspected gunman tried to get into their classroom

A video from inside Oxford High School during a shooting on Tuesday shows students evacuating a classroom through a window after the suspected shooter appears to try to trick them into opening the door by pretending to be a sheriff.

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The video, taken by a student who shared it with his father, was then shared with Fox Detroit. CNN’s Anderson Cooper also verified the video, attributing it to Mark Kluska.

“Sheriff’s office. It’s safe to come out,” an unknown voice says from behind the door.

A student responds with “We’re not willing to take that risk right now.”

“I can’t hear you,” the unknown individual responds.

A student says: “We’re not taking that risk right now,” to which the individual responds with “Okay come to the door… bro.”

The students then turn to each other, suspicious that the person claiming to be from the sheriff’s department said “bro.”

“He said ‘bro’ red flag,” a student says.

A few seconds later someone whispers ‘window’ and they begin climbing out, then run across a walkway where a sheriff deputy opens a door, letting them into another part of the building.

Watch the video here: