Comedian, Sofie Hagen, isn’t having any of this obesity research bull. She doesn’t want the facts, she’d rather “eat the sugar [she’s] craving. It really works and it tastes great.”

How the f*cking f*ck is this okay?

An advertisement, from a medical research organization Cancer Research UK, highlighted the link between cancer and obesity. “OB_S__Y is a cause of cancer,” their ad read. The organization was referencing a number of studies that showed that obesity can lead to a number of cancers as well as other issues.

People should be aware of it.

They’ve started a campaign to raise awareness for this.

They’ve posted billboards like this one all over the UK:

Obese 'Comedian' FUMES Over Cancer Research Obesity Facts 1

They’ve provided very specific information about WHY it’s a risk factor:

It’s informative and people need to know.

Not so fast, says Sofie Hagen. This is all a load of BS and Cancer Research is just FAT SHAMING.

O.M.G. Unbelievable.

So, Sofie isn’t having any of it. She took right to Twitter:

Cancer Research UK politely responded to her meltdown.

Apparently true facts are mean. And she will not stand for ANYONE telling her that being obese is a bad thing.

They don’t NEED an excuse! They’re stating facts so people are informed about their health. WTH is WRONG WITH YOU LADY?!

This campaign didn’t personally include you nor was your name anywhere in their tweets. They simply want to inform people with facts. 

Get a grip. Already.

How utterly unbelievably ridiculous can you possibly be!?