Nurse Faces Backlash After Posting Crying TikTok Video After Her Patient Died

Olivia Vanderford, a nurse, sparked anger over her posting a TikTok video showing herself crying  after she “lost a patient.”

A rendition of the song “Unstoppable” by Sia, is played as the background music in the video.

The caption of the video read, “Lost a patient today,” and “shake of off, you have 5 more hours.”

@marc0p0l0o3 #duet with @olivia_tylerr33 Can you imagine her just scrolling through sounds trying to pick the most trendy song while her patient’s body is being wheeled out to the morgue #fyp #foryou #viral #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Britton

@thelukecook #stitch with @olivia_tylerr33 2022 is a weird time #tiktok #socialmedia #lol #jokes ♬ original sound – Luke Cook

The TikToker, who posted under the user name @olivia_tylerr33, has since deleted their account and video, although the video was widely dueted and reposted not just on TikTok but on other social media platforms, too.