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New Accuser Claims Trump Groped Her In Front Of Ray Charles

OMG! Get load of this crap… I can’t even.

According to this:

KEEP SCROLLING TO WATCH THE VIDEO… Trust me you’ll want to see this!

On Monday, Megyn Kelly had three Trump accusers on her show. One of them was a beauty pageant contestant who said that Trump…LOOKED AT HER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HE LOOKED AT HER. The other chick said Trump…ASKED FOR HER PHONE NUMBER OMG. And the other one is an older woman who claims Trump “assaulted” her on a flight.

Megyn’s on a roll. She had another accuser on her show Tuesday.

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Meet Mindy McGillivray. She claims Trump grabbed her butt in front of Ray Charles during a concert at Mar-a-Lago in 2003. Yep. She actually claims that Trump groped her in front of a blind dude.

“And the next thing you know, I feel a grab on my right side. So I quickly turn to look at what this is. I initially think this is probably Ken, Ken’s camera bag. But to my surprise it’s Donald,” she said. “I stand there. I’m stunned. I’m speechless.”


Listen, I’m all for victims coming forward and speaking out, but these Trump accusers are FAKE as hell. And Megyn and whoever allowed these interviews should be fired too. Unbelievable!

President Trump chimed in on it too: