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Netflix knows how many times its users have watched “A Christmas Prince,” and it’s making fun of people on Twitter for it

The movie, which is Netflix’s rather triumphant attempt to emulate the dumb magic of Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies, is getting a lot of attention lately for its achievement in the silly category.

The plot — which is basically that a journalist falls in love with a prince she is supposed to be writing about — is predictable, cliché, and impossible, even in a world where an actual American woman is marrying a royal. And the portrayal of journalism in “A Christmas Prince” is outrageous (which we went into detail about here).

But even though it’s silly, “A Christmas Prince” has become something of a cult hit for Netflix, and has already created some superfans.

On Sunday night, Netflix, which is usually very secretive about its streaming traffic, joked that it knew how many times people have watched “A Christmas Prince,” and was concerned:

Take a look at the wave of remarks:

Lol, This was brilliant advertisement for Netflix’s A Christmas Prince. Now I might just have to watch it.