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She’s Busted! The Internet Discovers ‘Homophobic’ Blog Posts Written By… Joy Reid!

According to Twitter user @Jamie_Maz, Reid spent that time putting up blog posts about Florida politician Charlie Crist, and the vast majority of them attacked Crist for being a closeted gay man. She repeatedly referred to Crist, who has been married to two different women, as “Miss Charlie,” and relentlessly claimed that he had only gotten married to further his political ambitions. There is no evidence for any of these claims and Reid clearly thinks it’s nothing but an excellent running gag, but even if it were true, this kind of derisive, insulting language would be homophobic.

She wrote what Mediaite describes as “bigoted blog posts smearing, mocking, and attacking former Florida governor Charlie Crist.”

These rants included calling Crist “Miss Charlie” and sarcastically using the tags “gay politicians” and “not gay politicians” — despite the fact that the twice-married, heterosexual man has never come out as gay.

Reid wrote about how she believes Crist is actually a gay man who won’t come out of the closet because he’s afraid it’ll negatively impact his career.

Here’s the thread:

Joy looks like a total hypocrite. If a conservative wrote those same jokes, Joy would be ALL OVER IT. You know it’s true.