See the darling 7-year old boy pictured above?

Stories like this infuriate me to no end …

That’s Ryan. Ryan got himself a case of strep throat – not a terribly uncommon illness – and one that’s easy peasy to treat safely with antibiotics. Parents with common sense and a healthy appreciation for modern medicine deal with strep in their kids by taking them to a physician – even a doc-in-the-box type of establishment works – and getting appropriate treatment.

But not Tamara Lovett. Nope, Ryan’s mom, who’s obviously some hippie-dippie fruitloop, decided to treat her son with freaking dandelion tea and oil of oregano.

The result? His illness rapidly worsened. His lymph nodes swelled, his ears started to ooze, and his eyes yellowed. His entire body was infested with strep, causing his major organs to fail. His ultimate death was unnecessarily excruciating. And it’s all because his mother didn’t take him to a doctor for proper treatment.

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