Men Have a Serious Problem with Jack Pearson from ‘This Is Us’ because they can’t live up to how perfect he is.

Jack Pearson, the too-good-to-be-true patriarch of the Pearson family, has been stealing hearts since This Is Us first aired in 2016.

Even if you haven’t seen the popular NBC drama, you’ve probably heard of him. Jack is the man that every woman wants to marry and any kid would be lucky to call their dad.

Throughout the first two seasons of This Is Us, he has rightfully earned this widespread reverence with his words and actions in every single episode.

Jack would walk through fire for his family, somehow looks even better at age 40 than he did at 20, and he could write a textbook called The Right Thing to Say In Every Situation.

But while Jack makes women swoon, it’s his effect on other men that’s most noteworthy: They can’t stand him.

Loving husband and doting father that he is, Jack has set an incredibly high bar for men, and now their partners want them to reach it. This fictional television character has literally altered the relationship expectations of millions of viewers, for better or for worse.

Now men everywhere are taking to Twitter to express their frustrations about how Jack has changed their lives, and it’s all too relatable.

Most men are NOT happy:

Randall’s wife Beth, who never even knew her late father-in-law, described the ‘problem’ with Jack the best: “Jack is untouchable. He is the saint we’ll never meet, who none of us will ever live up to.” And she’s right.

But that doesn’t mean our husbands should stop trying. 😉

From: Delish