Melrose Place actress Amy Locane resentenced for 2010 fatal DUI crash sent back to prison

Amy Locane is headed back to prison to serve a longer sentence for her role in a fatal car crash in 2010.

A judge ruled that her initial sentence was too lenient following an agreement with prosecutors, in a shocking development.

The crash killed 60-year-old Helene Seeman and severely injured Seeman’s husband but Locane, 48, has refused to accept culpability,

The actress has already served two and a half years in prison for the same accident. However, Judge Borkowski ruled that the previous sentence given to the star was too lenient.

The judge also determined that Locane has never taken full responsibility for the crash that killed a woman and severely injured her husband. Judge Borkowski also noted that Locane could have opted for a ride after drinking too much, but did not do so.

The ruling has completely “shocked” Locane’s attorney James Wronko. In a statement given to People, Wronko said that he is really “embarrassed” to be a part of the system that gave such a harsh punishment to someone who has “apologized” at the end of every proceeding.

“She has been out of prison for five years. She did everything they asked and went above and beyond. She’s apologized at every sentencing proceeding,” People quoted Wronko, as saying.

Locane has 45 days to appeal.



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