First Lady Melania gives the President a hand slap as he reaches to hold her hand. The slap now seen round the world quickly made it’s round on the internet.

Melania Trump was in no mood to play along for the cameras Monday when her husband reached for her hand as they arrived in Israel under a blaze of media security.

The First Lady — elegant in a crisp white pencil skirt and blazer with dark glasses over her eyes — slapped President Trump’s hand aside with a sharp flick of her wrist as he reached for her.

You can judge what happens for yourself by watching the video:

This was a highly public moment, there are multiple angles:

You shouldn’t make assumptions about anything based on this video.

We don’t know what’s going on here. Maybe she just didn’t want to hold hands or perhaps she’s a strong woman and doesn’t need her hand held (possible). Also possible it was a love tap (highly unlikely) or…




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