Spoiler alert! The following contains details from the “Game of Thrones” series finale, Season 8 Episode 6, “The Iron Throne.”

(ET) Meghan McCain found herself in hot water on Monday, after she revealed the Game of Thrones ending on-air — completely spoiling it for those who hadn’t watched the series finale on Sunday.

The moment happened as The View hosts discussed fans’ reaction to the epic HBO show coming to an end. McCain called the ending “horrible,” and launched into why she disagreed with who ended up sitting on the Iron Throne. The only warning McCain gave was a quick “sorry, this is a spoiler,” before voicing her criticism.

Co-hosts Sonny Hostin looked shocked as the audience collectively gasped.

“I’m only on Season 4,” Hostin said.

Goldberg pretended to walk off the set in disgust as McCain attempted to defend herself.

“It’s all over the Internet,” McCain said.

The audience audibly gasped after 34-year-old McCain revealed the ending, but nobody was more visibly upset than her co-host, Sunny Hostin, who exclaimed she was only on season four. Hostin threw her hands in the air, before putting her head in her hands. Meanwhile, Whoopi Goldberg silently got up from her chair and walked away for a moment.

After the show, McCain took to Twitter to apologize for spoiling the ending.

“I’m so sorry for the #GOT spoilers on the show today! I assumed every diehard fan had watched! My bad,” she wrote “Don’t watch west coast if you don’t want a spoiler.”