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Kentucky native Robby Strong, the self-proclaimed “Prophet of Poo,” says he gifted horse manure to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, and says he’s planning more dirty tricks.

According to this source:

On Wednesday morning, a man identified on Facebook as Robby Strong said he’s going to have a gallery show for “manure artists to create GOP busts. Best ones get mailed as gifts to the White House. Or all of them.” It’s not clear whether he intends to go through with the plan, but there was a wrapped box of manure left for Mnuchin at a neighbor’s house in the tony Bel Air neighborhood in Los Angeles.

In a photo of the card Strong posted on Twitter, he wrote “Misters Mnuchin & Trump, We’re returning the ‘gift’ of the Christmas tax bill” and signed it “Warmest wishes, The American people.”

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Strong is a Paducah native, according to his Facebook page.

Responses to his post include a wish that he will be sent to prison; some people called him a “lunatic” and a “political terrorist.”

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Secret Service agents, a police bomb squad and officers responded in large numbers Saturday to the Bel Air neighborhood. Eventually, the box was determined to be non-explosive, and manure was dumped on the ground. The case was widely reported.

Strong has repeatedly said that his act was legal, that he was exercising his First Amendment rights, according to AL.com. He said he made the gesture because Republicans were acting brazenly, and he called for others “to be more brazen with our activism and maybe a bit more aggressive.”

The Secret Service, although not confirming that Strong was linked to the case, said Monday that it had found a person who had claimed responsibility for delivering the package and had interviewed him, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Strong said his end goal is to inspire people to commit more potent acts of political advocacy.