Man Raises $14,000 For Puppy’s Medical Bills… Then Pockets The Money And KILLS The Dog

Dogs are truly God’s gift to us… there’s a special place in hell for anyone who would hurt one.

According to Daily Mail:

A New Jersey man has been charged for allegedly breaking his puppy’s bones, setting up a gofundme with a picture of the injured dog and then killing it.

Reid Herjo faces with animal cruelty and theft by deception charges after the death of the German Shepherd puppy, Medford Township police have said.

The GoFundMe page attracted 693 people who donated more than $14,000 over a 28-day period was set up by the man who claimed he needed help paying his sick dog’s medical bills.

But police say it was a scam. They said in January they stopped a speeding car driven by Herjo, who said he was taking a 14-week-old German Shepherd to the veterinary hospital because it was was hit by an ATV, Fox29.oom reported.

Suspicions were raised that Herjo was not telling the truth, and that it was later determined that he had intentionally caused the injuries to the dog named Atlas.

It had numerous fractures, bleeding and needed surgery.

Police say Herjo only had the dog for six weeks and it suffered two injuries on two more occasions including in December when Herjo allegedly said the dog was hurt falling down the stairs and in January falling down a hill.

Police say Atlas died on 3 February after suffering additional injuries while in Herjo’s care. They say the death is suspicious.

‘Unfortunately, GoFundMe is this whole concept created and is used purposefully by some and abused by others,’ said Susan Nicolazzo who read about what happened.

‘It is so sad that this man who clearly has issues chose to abuse a dog gained and benefited from $14,000.’

Police said that page Herjo on his GoFundMe page Herjo claimed he and Atlas had been hurt in a hit and run crash.

GoFundMe released a statement about the incident.

‘This user has violated GoFundMe’s terms of service and all donors will receive a refund. Additionally, this user has been banned from our platform.’

The $14,000 was raised in 28 days. Herjo is charged with third degree animal cruelty and theft.

He’s a sick F*CK.

I have nothing but pure HATE for this monster. And I hope he rots in hell.