Man Ordered Domino’s Pizza Every Day For 10 Years. When He Stopped Employees Got Worried.


Man Ordered Domino’s Pizza Every Day For 10 Years 1

Since everyone seemed to be getting more worried, Sarah decided to send someone to check on their favorite customer. Tracey Hamblen, a delivery driver, was assigned to the task. When he was walking up to the house, Tracey noticed there were lights on inside. As he moved closer, he heard sounds from the television, too. Tracey then knocked on the door.

No one came to the door. Tracey knocked several times, but still, no one answered. He decided to call Tracey’s cell phone, but that only went to voicemail. An uneasy feeling crept through his body, so Tracey decided to go back and report to his colleagues. They would certainly know what should be done.

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