Man Creates GoFundMe Account for Charles Manson Funeral

Man Creates GoFundMe Account for Charles Manson Funeral

Man Creates Charles Manson GoFundMe Account for His Funeral and Burial Expenses


According to this:

Right now the body of Charles Manson, who died at the age of 83, is in a freezer at a coroner’s office in California because his next-of-kin doesn’t have the cash to provide a burial.

His 41-year-old grandson, Jason Lee Freeman, had set up a GoFundMe asking for $15,000 to give Manson the “honor, respect and dignity he deserves” before it was discovered by the fundraising website and subsequently yanked offline.

An image of the page was taken before it was removed, showing Jesus Christ kiss the forehead of Manson and showing at least $500 had been raised. After a few hours, the amount raised was at over $900.

Man Creates GoFundMe Account for Charles Manson Funeral

The text said that Manson was “loved” and was written by a friend of Freeman’s, who asked for help from “friends, family loved ones and/or supporters” to help with the costs associated with a funeral. Manson’s body will lay in the coroner’s office until the end of November before being cremated. Any assets that Manson owns will be used to defray that cost.

The text also says that they “will not sit back and let them throw Mr Manson away like trash,” which is an insult to the many people who choose cremation. “His whole life he lived with the pain of feeling unclaimed. We must not let this happen in death.”

I guess no matter who you are someone loves you. But it’s still JUST CREEPY to think people would donate money to this cause.



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