Kathy Griffin Uses Trump/Mika/Morning Joe Feud To Play The Victim Again

Oh boy! Poor, sad, Kathy Griffin. She’s decided to play the VICTIM card again. Guess she saw an opportunity to use this ‘tweeting’ situation between Trump and Mika to her own attention-seeking advantage.

It’s painfully obvious.

Oh and look who else joined the pity party:

Looks like besides playing the victim, Kathy got herself in a pickle and she’s mad at TMZ:

Perhaps we should remind her that she’s the one who decided to take a hideous photo holding what looked like Trump’s severed head. No one forced her to do that. That’s on her. But why take responsibility, especially when you can get your gal pals to give you virtual hugs. —Chicks On The Right

Well, anywho Twitter responded to the virtual tears!


Again, if you can’t take it don’t dish it out — Our President fights back! Poor lil’ Kathy grow up and put your big girl panties on.

h/t Chicks On The Right & Twitchy