Joe Biden appears to be at a loss literally everyone is ignoring the president – video

A video is going viral after Biden and Obama celebrated Obama’s signature healthcare legislation, Biden can be seen on the video walking around looking confused and throwing up his hands.

Biden wondered around looking vacant as he crowd-formed around a former president, Barack Obama, who was obviously deeply grateful for the attention.

“Then it just got worse. Watch Biden try and horn in on the conversation swirling around Obama putting his hand on Obama’s shoulder.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) published the video on Twitter saying  ” Literally no one wants to talk to Joe Biden.”

Tucker Carlson with Fox News played clips from the event. Tucker stated that Biden was shunned during the event and Obama intentionally ignored him, calling the moment “sad.”

“That is the President of the United States in his own house, shunned, nobody would talk to him,” Carlson said.

Watch the videos.

“No video better sums up the Biden presidency,” conservative commentator Mercedes Schlapp posted. “The man is a puppet and nobody likes him. Not even his own party.”