To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Italian luxury brand reprised its famous jungle print in its original tropical green color palette. At the runway show, however, Donatella Versace took it one step further and had J.Lo strut her stuff in a new version of the sexy green gown she wore to the 2000 GRAMMY Awards.

Toward the end of the Versace event, photos of Lopez in the iconic creation flashed across the giant screens. Donatella’s voice was then heard, saying, “Now show me the real jungle dress,” as Lopez stepped out onto the catwalk.


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20 years later… she’s back 💥@jlo for @versace #Versacess20

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The audience went wild for Lopez’s appearance. She then returned to the stage to walk alongside Donatella.

Jennifer Lopez Closes Versace Show in Iconic 2000 Grammys Dress 1

Lopez’s risqué GRAMMYs dress put her on the map, and made history, as it was later revealed that because of that dress, Google images was created.

Jennifer Lopez Closes Versace Show in Iconic 2000 Grammys Dress 2

In April, Lopez opened up about that unforgettable evening in a new series called “Moments of Fashion” on her YouTube channel. That night, her song, “Waiting For Tonight,” was nominated in the Best Dance Recording category. While she didn’t win, she became the most-talked-about celeb.

“It was a frenzy,” she said of the vibe on the red carpet that night. “The flashes started going in a way that it’s not usually. There was an extra kinetic energy there.”

“It just goes to show you the power of fashion and the power of those types of moments,” Lopez said of the gown’s pop-cultural effect. “And I know people try to make it frivolous at times, but what those things do is they give people an inspiration. It puts a beautiful moment out into the world.”

“One dress can change the trajectory of how people dress for the next 10 years,” she continued. “It’s a crazy impact that fashion can have.”

Jennifer Lopez Closes Versace Show in Iconic 2000 Grammys Dress 3



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