(VIDEO) Jenna Fischer Does Entire Interview On Jimmy Kimmel Live in a Towel After Her Dress Zipper Break

Jenna Fischer has no issues improvising when it comes to fashion.

(MSN) The 44-year-old actress waltzed into her Jimmy Kimmel Live interview on Monday wearing nothing more than a pair of blue jeans, black pumps and a pristine white bath towel.


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“I waited a little too long to get dressed and then my zipper broke and I panicked,” Fischer confessed, with the burgundy dress she had planned to wear lying on the chair beside her.

The Office star went on to admit that at least she felt “very comfortable.”

“I am a Missouri girl and the show must go on,” she declared. “I’ve never been more comfortable. I am mentally freaking out that I’m on a talk show in a towel, but I’m physically very comfortable.”

“I feel like I ran into you at the spa,” Kimmel joked.