If This Is on Your Starbucks Cup, You Did Something to Piss Off the Barista

You know why. 

Another day, another life-changing, ground-breaking, earth-shaking Starbucks revelation. This one comes from a barista posting on Reddit under the username bemyfuse: It turns out if you receive your order with a label slapped over the chain’s logo, you’ve most likely pissed off your barista.

“My petty joy is putting stickers on the siren logo when annoying teenagers order millions of fraps at once so their Instagram posts are ruined ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it’s the little things,” the barista captioned the below photo.

If This Is on Your Starbucks Cup, You Pissed Off the Barista 1

Of course it’s possible this particular barista is a singular, brilliant, passive-aggressive queen who just changed the Starbucks-ordering game for 13-year-olds everywhere, but suddenly everything makes sense. Share this knowledge with your friends and any #cool teens you may know — this could be the key to making kids these days say “please” and “thank you.”

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