Take your store bought cake frosting to the next level; Tips to make your cake icing better than EVER

Guest Post by Cooking Chew

Cakes and cupcakes are more adorable with the touch of frosting. Homemade frostings play an important role in making cakes and cupcakes look and taste better. They provide quality taste, color and texture to these pastries, but the problem is homemade frostings are hard to do. They require a lot of effort and time that is why store bought frosting made their ways in providing easy options just for you.

Ready-made frosting provides easy ways in decorating and giving life to your pastries. You can use the cheat day to easily decorate and manage the pastries that you will have. Today, let us unpack the four steps on how to make store bought frosting better than ever.

How To Make Store Bought Frosting Better

Step 1 – Prepare your tools and ingredients

Tools are helpful in achieving a better store bought frosting. They are primarily used to measure, mix and scoop the frosting. The tools that you will be needing include measuring cups and spoons, spatula, mixing bowls, and a mixer.

  • Measuring cups and spoons – These tools are used in order to measure the right quantity and combination of ingredients as they affect the result of your recipe. Measuring cups are often used to measure quantity with a larger amount, while measuring spoons are used to get a small amount of measurement.
  • Spatula – This is simply used for mixing and stirring your ingredients. It is recommended to use silicone and wood materials because these do not melt in the heat unlike plastic.
  • Mixing bowls – These are used to mix your ingredients well. Different sizes of mixing bowls allow you to have enough room that can hold all of your ingredients in one place.
  • Mixer – When combining certain ingredients, you can use a stand mixer or a hand mixer. A stand mixer provides faster and smoother results while a hand mixer has a cheaper price, but requires more time and effort.

How To Make Store Bought Cake Frosting Better 1

For the ingredients, you will need store-bought frosting, powder sugar, milk or water, food colors, jams, cream cheese, flavored extracts, nuts and brewed coffee.

  • Store-bought frosting – this is the highlight of our article and there are many frosting flavors you can choose such as vanilla, chocolate, mango, orange, strawberry and many more.
  • Powdered sugar – It is used to thicken up your store bought frosting in case it is too soft. You can just add 1/4 cup of powdered sugar to each pack and you will have a thicker consistency. Always remember to add a small amount at a time to achieve the right consistency.
  • Milk or water – Milk provides tastier and creamier result compare to water, but both are helpful in the thinning process of your frosting. You just need to add 1/2 teaspoon of milk or water at a time.
  • Food colors – There are two types of food coloring – the artificial and the natural food color. Artificial food colorings have artificial ingredients which may contain chemical which are harmful to our health. On the other hand, natural food colorings are widely used as people are more aware of the bad effects that the artificial coloring provides. Natural food color is made from vegetable juices and spices. Both food colors are used to add life and make the frosting more attractive, but always remember to make a safer choice.
  • Jams – If you want to add the fruity taste to your frosting, use jams. These are also used in making your frosting thick.
  • Cream Cheese – Cheese is used to balance the sugar level of the frosting. Cheese lover often uses this to enhance the flavor of their frosting. It makes the frosting mixture creamier and tastier.
  • Flavored extracts – Natural extracts, like vanilla extracts, are the safest flavor to choose to be free of contamination from artificial colors or flavors found on the market. These are inexpensive and has different flavors such as chocolate, orange, blueberry, banana, etc. They are made naturally and are safe to use.
  • Nuts – You can also add nuts like pistachio, macadamia, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc. to make the frosting more appealing or presentable.
  • Brewed coffee – It is commonly used to achieve a mocha-flavored frosting that will surely be loved by your guests.

Step 2 – Enhance its Consistency

How To Make Store Bought Cake Frosting Better 2

  • Using your spoon, scoop the amount of frosting that you need to the mixing bowl.
  • Add a tablespoon of powdered sugar onto your frosting.
  • Using the mixer, mix the ingredients for about 30 seconds to allow the mixture to thicken. You can use your spatula to check the consistency by dipping it to the mixture.
  • If the mixture is not enough, you can add another 1/2 tsp of powdered sugar to the mixture and mix them for another 30 seconds. Check for the consistency again.
  • Repeat the step until you will be able to achieve the consistency that you want.
  • Aside from adding powdered sugar, you can also use jams to add thickness to your frosting. All you have to do is to put the right amount of jam to your frosting and mix them using the mixer.
  • Make sure that the ingredients are mixed thoroughly to achieve the best result.
  • In case the mixture is too thick, you can just add 1/2 tsp of water or milk to the mixture.

Step 3 – Enhance its Color

  • Scoop and put your store bought frosting in the mixing bowl. Make sure that the consistency of the frosting is enough by mixing it using a spatula.
  • You can add 2-3 drops of food color to your frosting.
  • Use the spatula, mix the food color well.
  • Add 2 more drops of the same color until you achieve the desired color. You can also put your store bought frosting to another bowl and add a different color depending on what you will need.

Step 4 – Enhance its Taste

How To Make Store Bought Cake Frosting Better 3

  • In preparing your cream cheese, you need to put the 8 ounces of softened cream cheese on the countertop and leave it for 10 minutes until it becomes softened. Adding a vanilla extract can also improve the taste of the frosting.
  • Scoop the frosting and put it in a mixing bowl. Add cream cheese and mix it well.
  • You can choose to add jams together with the cream cheese to fix the taste as well as the texture of the store bought frostings.
  • You can add nuts to your frosting to enhance its taste. Make sure to add the right amount of nuts that you prefer.
  • For a mocha-flavored frosting, you just need to add a tablespoon of strong brewed coffee to the mixture of your frosting and mix it well.

Improving your store bought frosting is a fun way of recreation. With the right amount of ingredients, right consistency, color and taste of your frosting, it will surely be one of the best frosting that you will ever have. You can now save time and effort in making your cakes and cupcakes more appealing and more delicious at the same time. All you have to do is to make sure that you follow all the four steps in making your store bought frosting better.

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