Homeless man who became overnight internet sensation with his amazing piano playing skills turns his life around thanks to $40,000 in donations

A Florida homeless man who recently won national fame after a video of his amazing piano playing went viral has been given the opportunity to turn his life around.

Fans of Sarasota’s Donald Gould created a GoFundMe page that raised $40,000 in just eight days with the goal of helping the trained musician get back on his feet.

Homeless man plays piano becomes internet sensation 1

Gould’s touching musicianship already helped him reconnect with his long lost son and on Thursday the 51-year-old revealed he’s entering a rehab program where he can start to get his life back in order following years of substance abuse that began with the death of his wife in 1998.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCguq3hTC2M%5B/embedyt%5D

Also on Thursday, the newly clean cut Gould was offered a full scholarship at Michigan’s Spring Arbor University, where he completed all but a few credits toward a degree in music.

‘The best part of the story was getting out there and playing again. After that makeover and people were looking at me and every time I got done playing they would clap,’ Gould told WWSB as he watched a segment about himself on Inside Edition.

‘I’m living the dream right now it looks like,’ said Gould, as he prepared to enter rehab with his fellow homeless musician Paul Lenardo. ‘We’ve got everyone behind us now, all of a sudden, and apparently we’ve made an impact on all the homeless people out there.’

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