Hillary Clinton blames everyone but herself for her 2016 presidential loss

Hillary Clinton blamed her election loss on Facebook, The New York Times, the Democratic National Committee, former FBI Director James B. Comey and high expectations on the race, during a conference yesterday.

“Look, I take responsibility for every decision I made,” Clinton told the audience. “But that’s not why I lost.”

Instead, she aired a list of grievances for her presidential loss.

She said the DNC was “bankrupt” and “on the verge of insolvency” and that its data was “mediocre” and “wrong.”

“I had to inject money into it,” Clinton lamented.

On Comey: “He dumps that on me on Oct. 28 and I immediately start falling.”

She also blasted The New York Times’ reporting of her ongoing private email server scandal.

“They covered it like it was Pearl Harbor,” Clinton said of the Times, which endorsed her.

She also teed off on fake news stories spreading misinformation about her campaign on Facebook.

Clinton even suggested she lost because no one thought she would.

“I was the victim of the very broad assumption that I was going to win,” Clinton said. “I never believed that. I always thought it was going to be a close election.”

The blame game never gets old for Hillary Clinton –And apparently neither does playing the victim.