Jessica Mann, one of the women who is accusing Harvey Weinstein of rape, testified in court on Friday that the two of them had a secret, abusive relationship.

Mann, an aspiring actor testified that Harvey Weinstein forced oral sex on her, raped her, and then manipulated her into a sexually humiliating relationship, which she said included him wanting to film her having sex, urinating on her, and asking if she liked his “big Jewish dick.”

Jessica Mann, 34, is the youngest victim to testify so far, said Weinstein raped her in his hotel room in 2013. Weinstein’s lawyers have previously indicated they will use Mann’s friendly text messages and emails to try and prove she had a consensual sexual relationship with their client, which benefited her professionally. However, Mann clarified in her testimony that she sent him several “complimentary” emails because she knew how fragile his ego was and she feared his temper.