Groom and Bride Blow Guests Away With ‘Dirty Dancing’ Routine

Groom Grabs His Bride On Dance Floor, Then They Blow Guests Away With ‘Dirty Dancing’ Routine. New Jersey Newlyweds Lindsay Pergola and Richie Guarini skipped a traditional first dance in favor of something much, much better: a phenomenal performance of the iconic final Dirty Dancing “Time of My Life” dance scene that Baby (Jennifer Grey) and Johnny (Patrick Swayze) performed in the 1987 movie.

The couple nails every single move from the original dance as a smoke machine dramatically blooms around them. Even the bride’s short, flirty wedding dress seems to mimic Baby’s circle skirt dress.

And when the music dropped, cueing in the rest of the Kellerman’s dancers in the film, the groomsmen joined in and the crowd went wild. Then, the big moment finally arrived… It was time for the famous lift which, of course, they nailed.


Lindsay & Richie Dirty Dancing Teaser from Anthony Ziccardi Studios on Vimeo.