Alabama Senate GOP Nominee Roy Moore Tweets He’s Fighting The ‘Forces Of Evil’

The Washington Post dropped a major bombshell Thursday, reporting that a woman has come forward accusing Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore of initiating a sexual encounter when she was 14 and he was a prosecutor in his 30s.

Additional women have now came forward with additional accounts of inappropriate conduct with minors.

Republicans are distancing themselves from Moore, but the candidate himself in a series of tweets Thursday evening, says he will fight back against what he’s calling “the forces of evil.”

One thing people are noticing: Moore didn’t explicitly deny the accusations in those tweets. He denied it in his official statement, but you’d think he’d do it again in the tweets. Who knows? Just something people are pointing out.

I totally agree that he should step down immediately if these allegations are, in fact, true. But that’s the question. Are they?

Moore contends they are unequivocally false.

Regardless of what we think reactions are definitely mixed.