God Bless Larry Lindsey A True Patriot 1

Dr. Larry Lindsey, a heroic Marine, has passed away. He helped exposed the corruption at Colorado’s convention earlier this year. He’s a true patriot who fought tirelessly for Donald Trump. Larry passed away hours after recording his final goodbye to Trump, Pence and General Mattis. Source: God Bless Larry Lindsey and his last valiant effort helping Donald Trump get elected

As a supporter of Donald Trump this year, I began befriending other Trump supporters on social media. As with so many other Trump supporters Larry Lindsey and I became Facebook friends. I read his posts every day for the past several months, Yesterday December 17th was his birthday. I thought for sure he would make it to Christmas. Today I got on Facebook to read posts and I just couldn’t believe it when I read Larry’s Facebook this morning. It hit me hard and I just cried.

We meet people in the most unlikely places sometimes through the most unlikely circumstances and we build strong bonds. Bonds we didn’t even know we had built. I never met Larry, but I sure wish I had. Until we meet on the other side one day God speed Larry Wayne Lindsey.