Girl, 3, Puts on Police Uniform to Sell Lemonade and All Her Local Heroes Show Up to Support Her

Hannah Pasley’s dream to be a police officer got a boost when dozens of officers made a surprise visit to the 3-year-old girl’s lemonade stand Saturday in Kansas City, North.

The stand attracted so many officers, neighbors became a little alarmed why there was such a strong police presence at the small house just north of Worlds of Fun.

Hannah’s chance meeting with so many officers began Friday. Her parents, Amber and Josh Pasley, had a garage sale. Hannah sold lemonade to raise money for a police uniform she wanted.

The post started to get shared around.

About an hour and a half later, the first Kansas City police officer stopped by and got lemonade.

“I really thought truly that was going to be it,” Rooks said. “I looked down the street and saw six patrol cars with their lights on.”

Hannah freaked out. And then more and more came. Sheriff’s deputies, police officers, a police dog and horses all from Kansas City and surrounding departments showed up, including from south of the Missouri River.

Moore wrote that “50 plus police officers” show up.

“We even had a helicopter fly over,” Moore wrote in a Facebook post. “This made not only this little girl happy but us happy as well.”