Getting Married Was Her Dying Wish

A cystic fibrosis sufferer who married her childhood sweetheart as her dying wish claims ditching SUGAR saved her life.

Jessica Bean, 28, from Australia, has suffered with with the debilitating lung condition since birth. She survived on a medley of 40 pills, which she took every day to make her condition manageable: But at 21, her condition suddenly took a turn for the worse and she was left in hospital and fighting for life.

With just a 30 percent lung capacity Jessica was put on the lung transplant list but her prognosis was so bleak the young bride-to-be started planning her wedding from her hospital bed.

‘I’d never known life without cystic fibrosis, so…I’d take my medication and then I’d go about my day as normal. It was just a part of my life.’

‘But suddenly my lungs couldn’t keep up with me anymore. I couldn’t even go for a coffee with friends, as I just didn’t have the energy. Everything I did left me gasping for breath and Cameron [her boyfriend] had to do everything for me.’

When she met her wedding photographer, who was the wife of a sugar-free advocate, Gary Fettke, Ms Bean heard by chance about a sugar-free life first hand.

She then decided to try it for herself, and explains that she was amazed to see the effects immediately:

‘As soon as I started eating my calories in a healthier way, I noticed a difference.

‘Instead of having convenience food and snacks, Cameron started bringing me smoothies into the hospital that were full of healthy fats like peanut and avocado.’

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‘Eating healthily has been so instrumental to my survival, I’m now a health and wellness coach,’ she says.

‘The change in my lifestyle has been incredible. I’ve gone from thinking my husband will marry and bury me in a matter of months, to enjoying my life and planning my future.’

And it’s not just Ms Bean’s life that has changed since quitting sugar and being released from hospital; it’s her entire outlook on life as well:

‘I honestly thought I was going to die, so to not only be here, but to be doing things I never imagined possible is unreal.

‘A few years ago, I was preparing to die, now I’ve got a career and am able to enjoy holidays and trips to the movies. I’m so lucky to be alive and it’s all thanks to ditching sugar.’

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