Fox News 'The Five'-Juan Williams and Meghan McCain erupt on set

‘The Five’ of Fox News gets heated over healthcare on live TV.  “How dare you!” McCain said, interrupting Williams — who continued his statement.

“This is a fraud!” he said again.

From there, it went off the rails.

“I want you to go to Arizona and say this,” McCain said. “I want Juan to go to Arizona and talk to people I know who are paying more than their mortgage for Obamacare premiums. ”

“It’s a disaster! Why are you freaking out so much if nothing happened? If this isn’t a big deal, why are you freaking out? You’re freaking out!”

“This is a lie!” Williams said, before repeatedly saying Meghan’s name, unable to get another word in.

The rest of the panel intervened at that point as the show was about to go to break.

“Let me tell you something: Don’t mess with McCain,” said Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Watch, via Fox News.